Part 1: Athletic formed blonde germanic girls

Written by Bert Plomp
Translated by Helena Clarkson

This serious warning that basically taking one self in hand to relieve sexual tension would cause blindness and even worse would grow hair in the palm of your hand is about all we learned from our parents on this delicate subject.
When we were kids we received zero sex education in school not even during Biology lessons or even during gymnastics when we used to run around the gym in little or no clothing for that matter.
There was absolutely no mention anywhere about the human reproductive system in those days.
I personally think this is truly the correct way to handle this matter of sex actually. Such personal indoctrination on the “birds and the bees” you should obviously only discuss with your parents, after all let’s face it they taught you so many life lessons in the past.
So if you felt like you were ready to start practicing this fine pastime, the best way to get started was walk into a NVSH building.
The NVSH is the Dutch Society for Sexual Reform.
The building of the NVSH in the city Utrecht was located then on the “Wittevrouwensingel” (the name of a city moat).
Any young innocent lad, who dared to go inside this building, was immediately looked upon as a lecherous creep at best. Likened to a sinner of biblical Sodom and Gomorra even.
A young man probably would be ashamed to be recognized in this type neighborhood, so it felt safer to even walk on the other side of the street or canal and make a big circle around that place of ill repute? With the result you would find yourself again on the side of the local prison, which is located at the “Wolven square”.
Actually you really did not want to be seen there either. In the meantime I am now 69 years of age and I still do not need glasses!
I mean to say; my vision is still in pretty good shape. Which reminds me of an occurrence at the barbershop Van de Vaart at the Rubens lane. During the late 50’s after a lot of new flats were built in the area and under each flat also was a small store available for certain shop keepers to start their own small business perhaps. The very first shop to open there in this neighborhood was for this time a rather modern barbershop.
On the opening of this barbershop stood the hairdresser Van de Vaart as proud as a peacock awaiting his first customer in his beautiful new shop. Everything in the place absolutely looked spic and span, clean windows, a shiny floor and all the tools of the trade a hairdresser possibly would need were neatly put on the counter and ready for use!
Around 10 am that morning the first customer appeared in the shop. A middle-aged man who needed a haircut. Van de Vaart ceremonially invited the gentleman with much pomp and circumstance to have a seat and covered him a brand-new and snow-white plastic cape to keep his suit hair-free and immediately started to take his task in earnest.
While he had been seriously busy with his first haircut for several minutes, Van de Vaart noticed that something had started to levitate mysteriously up and down in the area of the man’s crotch. This vision really upset Van de Vaart and he became so angry that he took his biggest and heaviest hair brush off the counter and hit his customer with all his might in a blind rage on his precious “family jewels” at least that is what he meant to do?
The poor customer screamed out in agony after this rather painful low blow and yelled at loudly at our barber: “This is going to cost you a new pair of glasses you miserable son of a bitch!
Nowadays however, formal sexual education takes place in school in the classroom. It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in sex or you want to learn anything about the subject even.
There actually is some talk now to start enlightening our little ones in kindergarten under the motto “it is better to be prepared earlier than later”! It makes a lot of sense actually as youngsters these days will experiment with sex at a much earlier age these days. As a matter of fact if you are still a virgin at age 12 these days you might be shunned by your peers and will be considered a loser.
Sex education has gone so far actually that even a ten-year-old boy in a Podunk little town of Staphorst can recite and explain the entire female reproductive system in and out in a casual way, like he was discussing today’s weather perhaps.
Many members of the opposite sex are somewhat responsible for this rather casual attitude towards the female sex organ. According to the “ever so conservative and trusted media”, many attractive women/girls are only too happy to show themselves in all their glory via Internet these days: kind of a “show and tell” anatomy lesson perhaps? In a way the rather enticing phenomenon of the feminine mystique sadly has become a thing of the past.
It may actually have gone so far that in the near future we expect it might be easier for customs officers to check the likeness of a passport photo against a picture of a gaping vagina, instead of the lady’s facial features.
A free for all of the female organ in the name of “Art”, was recently brought to our attention by an inventive Japanese girl. This Asian artiste managed to make an impression of her vagina by pressing a ball clay between her plump thighs. She then attached this clump of clay securely to a plank and voila a masterpiece of art was instantly created!
I have no problem that she enjoys playing with clay of course and as far as I am concerned if she enjoys sitting on mountains of that stuff and squeezes a dozen of these so called master pieces on her personal assembly line I mean whatever makes her happy!
For all I know she was the original inventor of the kid’s toy “play dough” even?
What I totally dislike is the fact that is shown to us just around suppertime on TV by DWDD, a Dutch talk show. Clearly this show is run by total hypocrites to pass this kind of bizarre behavior of as a work of Art!
All is set for pure sensationalism of course the kind you could find a newspaper like the Dutch Telegraaf, but supposedly the DWDD is way too sophisticated for this of course.
Now to get back at a time period, where I was totally obsessed by the subject of sex.
As soon as I got near an attractive girl my skin would develop goose bumps, a mysterious reaction to girls, which was actually pretty delightful.
Only when I was around of 14 years of age, did I begin to realize in what way, a girl actually was different from a boy. During this time one of my friends managed to get into his possession a rather classy magazine with photos of nude ladies. This particular educational magazine was found in the garbage can of the esteemed professor of human anatomy. Am guessing this particular book with erotic pictures, came directly from Sweden? Sweden was in those days way ahead of its time, compared to the Netherlands, on the subject of sexual freedom.
Would not be surprised if there this type anatomical instruction started in kindergarten perhaps?
The gorgeous dames pictured in this magazine were all of course blonde and very athletic reminiscent of the gorgeous blondes Germany used to experiment with to create a beautiful super race. To us boys these young ladies were so captivating and so sexy that we could see that it would be rather easy to find healthy and able young men to volunteer for such a noble experiment.
From these nude photographs besides being able to study breasts in great detail, one actually could not quite see that part of the female anatomy, which shortly well, will be shown on passport pictures now.
This particular magazine was of course a rather precious possession to us boys, but no one in our friend circle was brave enough to store this book inside their home however. So we buried the nudy magazine like a true treasure in a small box in the garden and dug it up again, when we felt the need to continue our next seminar session on the anatomy of the weaker sex.
Without any graphic photos to give us more of a clue about finer points of why the birds and the bees and apparently human beings get sort of frisky in Spring, slowly but surely we did actually make some progress towards solving this complicated puzzle.


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