The corrective tap

Written by Bert Plomp

In ‘The corrective tap’ Bert Plomp takes the reader on a personal journey through his childhood, where the struggle against authority takes centre stage. Plomp paints a picture of the 1960s, a time when young people actively resisted authority, often accompanied by physical punishment. The story also provides a critical perspective on the present-day society, where the fear of legal repercussions influences the actions of authorities.
The author begins with a vivid description of his own youth, illustrating confrontations with authority within his family. He emphasizes the societal changes and how they compelled his parents to adapt to the developments. Plomp portrays a upbringing in which the boundaries of authority were pushed, and parents eventually gave up their resistance.
An intriguing aspect of the story is the focus on deficient upbringing by contemporary standards. Plomp describes his youth as a time when shelter and food were the essentials, with little guidance on schoolwork or personal problems. The absence of sexual education and support for bullying underscores the harsh environment in which Plomp grew up.
Despite the emphasis on the ‘corrective tap’ from his youth, Plomp highlights that he looks back on a joyful childhood. He also shares the influence of his parents on his character and expresses gratitude for the independence he developed at a young age.
‘The corrective tap’ is a captivating retrospective on a time when authority was experienced differently than it is today. Plomp offers a personal perspective on growing up in a family where boundaries were pushed, and authority was challenged. The story prompts reflection on the changing norms and values in society and their impact on upbringing and authority. gaan met de 

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