Being sporty

Written by Bert Plomp

In “Being Sporty”, Bert Plomp takes readers on a sporty journey, sharing his experiences ranging from badminton at the campground to running marathons. The story is laced with humour, anecdotes, and self-deprecation, providing an enjoyable reading experience.
The narrative kicks off with vivid descriptions of intense badminton matches at Camping Het Grote Bos, where Plomp and his family wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to the sport despite some unsportsmanlike moments. The hilarious depictions of family dynamics add a comedic element to the story.
Another highlight of the tale is Plomp’s account of his running adventures. His dedication to the sport is clearly illustrated through his daily rituals, from early morning runs to evening jogs. Anecdotes about his attempt to break a world record and the creative approaches he takes to races offer a light-hearted glimpse into his passion for running.
The story is further enriched by descriptions of Plomp’s family life and interactions with his brothers, adding a personal touch to the narrative. Bert Plomp’s writing style is simple, lively, and captivating, making it easy for readers to empathize with his adventures.
Although the story is primarily a collection of personal anecdotes, Plomp successfully touches on universal themes such as perseverance, family bonds, and the pursuit of personal goals. “Being Sporty” is a heartwarming and entertaining tale that will appeal to both sports enthusiasts and the general audience.

Part 1: Badminton and other striking sports

Part 2: Breaking the world record

Part 3: One hundred and eighty thousand kilometres

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