Travel perils

Written by Bert Plomp

“Travel perils” by Bert Plomp takes the reader on a nostalgic journey through the adventures of the author during his youthful travels and vacations. With a chamber pot in tow, Plomp humorously recounts his experiences with school trips, camping expeditions, and the transition to motorized travel.

The story begins with the observation that nowadays, vacations have become synonymous with distant destinations and frequent journeys. Plomp reflects on his own youth, where vacations were simpler but full of adventure. The tale of school trips, especially those to the Rotterdam harbor, evokes vivid memories.

An intriguing aspect of the story is the description of the shift from bicycles to motorized vehicles, particularly the Solex mopeds. The humorous account of donning ‘leather armor’ for protection against the ‘chilling factor’ of speed adds a comedic element to the story. The detailed depiction of parents setting off on their Solex mopeds creates a funny image that will surely linger with the reader.

The story also encompasses the time of the family’s first car, which doesn’t come without its share of problems. Episodes where the car had to be regularly push-started add comical and suspenseful moments to the narrative. The portrayal of evenings at ‘De Prins van Oranje’ and the unexpected ‘performance’ of the author and his friends as a fictional pop band bring a light-hearted and humorous touch.

Bert Plomp succeeds in narrating his travel experiences in an entertaining and light-hearted manner. His writing style is accessible, and the humorous elements make the story enjoyable to read. “Travel perils” offers a nostalgic glimpse into a time when travel and vacations were characterized by adventure, improvisation, and humor.

Part 1: With the chamber pot on the back

Part 2: A thick bicycle with auxiliary motor

Part 3: You’ll have to walk home

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