School in, school out

Written by Bert Plomp

“School In, School Out” provides a captivating glimpse into the author’s life during his school years in the Netherlands. The story begins with his experiences at various schools and his challenging adjustments to constantly changing environments and classmates. The narrative is infused with humorous anecdotes and vivid recollections of his youth.

One notable element in the story is the role of milk in the author’s life. Milk appears to be a constant companion, from compulsory school milk to his adventures as a member of the “Milk Brigade.” The story also sheds light on the health beliefs of that era, where milk was considered essential for children’s development.

The descriptions of his school days, interactions with teachers and fellow students, and adventures in and around the school create a lively and nostalgic atmosphere. The author succeeds in taking the reader on a journey through time and sharing his childhood memories.

Another remarkable aspect of the story is the warm recollection of Mr. Schlahmilch, the school principal who inspired and encouraged the author to participate in various school activities, including football and plays. The involvement of this teacher leaves a lasting impression on the author and adds depth to the story.

The story also highlights the limited resources and opportunities of the author’s family, which influenced his academic performance. It underscores the importance of parental involvement in children’s education.

“School In, School Out” is a captivating and touching journey through the author’s youth, in which he shares his personal growth, challenges, and memories. It offers a glimpse into the Netherlands of that time and evokes nostalgic feelings for those who have had similar experiences. Highly recommended for readers interested in personal stories and the history of Dutch education.

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