Shit between the nops

Written by Bert Plomp

In his story “Shit between the nops,” Bert Plomp takes the reader back to the post-war years in Utrecht, where he grew up and was part of the football club SHUNU. With a mix of humor and nostalgia, Plomp describes his youthful adventures, colored by friendship, football, and the aftermath of World War II.

The story begins with the founding of SHUNU, a football club formed by a group of friends with different backgrounds. The dynamics among the members, including a half-German friend, reflect the spirit of the time, when prejudices and anti-German sentiments were still palpable.

Plomp paints a picture of the neighborhood where he grew up, where anti-German sentiment was still clearly present. He emphasizes how prejudices against people with a German connection still existed, even in the years after the war. These personal experiences add depth to the story and give the reader insight into the social and political context of that time.

The author combines his narrative with vivid descriptions of amateur football during that period. The humorous anecdotes about cow dung on the football field, primitive football shoes, and the club’s financial efforts to acquire its own leather marble create a light and humorous tone in the story.

Plomp’s writing style is simple and direct, fitting well with the nature of the story. He shares his personal memories in an accessible way, effectively conveying the atmosphere of that time. The reader is taken on a journey into the past, where the simple joys of friendship and football come together.

“Shit between the nops” not only offers a glimpse into the past but also reminds us how personal friendships and shared passions can overcome obstacles like prejudices. Bert Plomp succeeds in capturing a piece of history with his story while bringing a smile to the reader’s face.

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