Keeping your head together

Written by Bert Plomp

“Keeping your head together” is a remarkable account of a life full of head troubles, both literally and figuratively. With a blend of humour and astonishment, Plomp describes the numerous attacks his head has had to endure, from youthful recklessness to accidents in later years.
The story begins with a series of comical yet shocking anecdotes from Plomp’s youth, where he recounts experiences with physical violence, ranging from a tap on the cheek to a serious incident involving a revolving door. Through his lively storytelling and dry humour, Plomp captivates the reader from the very beginning.
The narrative takes the reader on a journey through Plomp’s life, with each chapter highlighting a new episode in his ongoing struggle to keep his head intact. From his adventures on the soccer field to his escapades during wild chases at school, Plomp constantly surprises the reader with the creative ways in which he manages to get his head into trouble.
While the descriptions of the accidents may be gruesome at times, Plomp succeeds in maintaining a light tone, infusing his story with humorous observations and self-deprecation. His pragmatic view of his own misfortunes and his ability to approach even the most painful situations with a wink make “Keeping your head together” a refreshing and entertaining tale.
What truly sets this story apart is the honesty with which Plomp shares his narrative. He doesn’t shy away from admitting his own mistakes and blunders but also demonstrates how, despite everything, he always manages to bounce back, looking at life with a dose of humour and self-reflection.
In conclusion, “Keeping your head together” is a captivating and humorous account of a life full of head troubles. With its lively storytelling, dry humour, and an honest perspective on his own life, Bert Plomp keeps the reader engaged from start to finish.

Part 1: The first attacks

Part 2: Blood behind my eyes

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