God and infinity

Written by Bert Plomp


“If there is a beginning, there is an end,

If there is an end, there is a beginning,

Every matter has a beginning and an end.”


“If there is no beginning, there is no end,

If there is no end, there is no beginning,

Every beginning and every end are one.”

The universe is infinitely vast. This is more to express how immensely large the universe is rather than to claim that it has no end. Because proving whether there is an end or not is quite challenging.

If we were ever able to approach the edges of the universe, we wouldn’t progress further. This is because there would be an increasing resistance to matter building up there, culminating in an impenetrable barrier. As a result, we would become trapped in an eternal loop motion. Only that which is immaterial can break through this barrier.

Beyond the edges of the universe, perhaps the Kingdom of God exists. You can only enter there by dying, having lived a good life in the eyes of God, and believing in my theory.

Once you arrive there, the concept of infinity will no longer be a question.


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