Helena Clarkson


Helena Clarkson?

“Ja hoor dat ben ik”, was born in the Bezuidenhout in the winter of ‘44 and our house was bombed by the Brits in ’45 around my first birthday, hopefully by mistake? I suppose, I am lucky to be around to tell that story and must like living dangerously as I am also married to a Brit now!

Thus grew up inThe Hague, Netherlands where I lived until age 16 and had plans to become a teacher. Moved to the USA unexpectantly in 1960 and experienced a huge culture shock there. Graduated from Pennsbury HS in the following year and joined the USN soon after and started my nursing career worked in this profession for 40 years or more. Nowadays I enjoy reading, writing, painting travel and cooking and watching mother nature do her thing around our home on a beautiful Florida lake where hubby and I and the Corgi spend a lot of our time these days.